In order to correctly advise on your dogs behaviour problem it is necessary to see them in their home environment first. This applies even if the issue is only something which concerns you on a walk, as many outside problems usually begin before leaving the home.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

If you feel you would like some help with your dogs behaviour then you need to arrange a behaviour consultation.The first step is to contact me by telephone or email leaving me your name and contact details. I will then discuss the issue briefly on the telephone to get some basic information about the problem and arrange a home visit appointment with you. Please note that this appointment is not confirmed until I receive a non-refundable deposit of £40 at which point I will contact you again to take some more details from you about the lifestyle of your dog and confirm your appointment.

A behaviour consultation usually lasts around two hours and during this time I will observe your dog at your home and ask you further questions to establish the underlying cause of the problem. If necessary we may need to go outdoors. I will then work with you and your dog to establish a training programme for you to continue at home. This will be tailored to the specific needs of you and your dog and you will be provided with notes to remind you and keep you on track.    

I will also arrange follow up calls to see how you are progressing. If you need a second visit this can also be arranged and may be at your home or at my training facility, depending on the nature of the follow up work. the cost of a consultation varies slightly depending on where you live and if it is an initial or follow up visit.

For information on basic costs go to the prices page. This will vary however, depending on the amount of travel time involved to reach you.